My name is Michael Pearce, I have just finished my PhD in Maths at the University of Warwick in the UK, in September 2019, I submitted my PhD thesis titled “Bayesian Optimisation with Mutli-Task Gaussian Processes”. My brilliant supervisor is/was Juergen Branke in the Operational Research and Management Science group in the Warwick Business School.

In my PhD, I focussed on extentions of Gaussian process model based optimisation to applications beyond global optmisation such as Bayesian quadrature optimisation, common random numbers, contextual optimisation and a few others. I also spent some time working in Warwick Medical School on Bayesian-Frequentist methods for clinical trials, I was an intern at Google Deepmind combining graphical models and variational autoencoders and most recently at Uber AI focusing on large scale Bayesian optimisation and optimisation over combinatorial domains.

Feel free to get in touch,

Gmail: scrambledpie

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